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Mary Kadrie
ironically have a 1pm appt at Wells fargo (my main bank) to open a savings acct and get a debit card for my teen. Any considerations for a nearly 14 y/o.
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Donette Ambrosy
@Mary you might also want to look into a GreenLight card if you feel your teen won't manage a checking account appropriately yet. You can add funds ad hoc and turn the use of it on/off via app on your phone.
Emily Sander TNC
@Mary I would be happy to discuss the options that the Credit Union has to offer your teen. Feel free to reach out directly Emily.Sander@Targetcu.org
Sherry Hochstatter
@Mary, if you are going to issue your teen a debit card I would recommend it be linked to a checking account. There are regulations (Reg D) on the number of withdrawals that can occur on savings accounts per month.
Emily Sander TNC
@Sherry great point! We do not recommend linking a debit card to a savings only for that reason!
Kylene Webster
Dave Ramsey has some great teen resources...even a class they can take
Chandra Stone
I don't have a unique savings tip, but just wanted to say my son and I met with Emily Sander to get him set up with a debit card/checking account and she did a great overview for him. Info coming from Emily he was happy to hear versus coming from just mom and dad/lecture format. So set up time with Emily!
Carey Meyer
My girls are 12 years old, if they get any money as a gift, they put half of it into their savings account and can keep the rest as spending when they want.
jen !
my 17 year old wants to try buying stocks can she do that at 17?
Emily Sander TNC
Thank you, Chandra! It is my pleasure! Feel free to email me if you would like to set up an appointment Emily.Sander@TargetCU.org
scot dauner
I got my kids credit cards, their names but my account. they have built a credit scores and it was a great safety net once they started driving.
Amber Hague
For a 13 year old, what do you recommend for a debit type card with no monthly/annual fee as I believe you mentioned for the checking/debit card with BCU they need to be 16.
Is pre-paid debit card a good option to start with?
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Serenity Smile
Is it possible to have our 16 year old have a secured BCU credit card with us?
Great session, thank you
Amber Hague
Thank you Dan and team!
Serenity Smile
Thanks for this session!